COC 2019

Ottawa • Morin-Heights • Laval • Rawdon


Welcome to the 2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships! This event has been hosted by the Ramblers Orienteering Club and was held in conjunction with Orienteering Ottawa’s O-Fest and several mid-week events by Azimut Laurentides Orienteering Club.

All events are now over.  Thank you to all who participated and helped organize the events and other activities.

Results, Photos and Route Gadget

Results and Photos are now available.

Route Gadget is available for the BarebonesCOC SprintCOC Middle and COC Long events.  Instructions on using route gadget are provided by Orienteering Ottawa.

Bulletin 2 updated July 24

The bulletin has been updated and is available in English. We apologize for not having it available in French.

Bulletin 2

Version 2 of the event bulletin is available in English or French. It outlines the information you need to know. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Lost and Found

A few items were found after the O-Fest in Ottawa.  They are the first three items on the Ottawa Lost and Found site.

Start Lists

The Start Lists are now available.

The O-Fest Long start times are now available.


Everyone must turn in their filled in and signed waiver in order to pickup their registration packet.  Waivers are available at the registration / information desk at all events where registration packages may be picked up.  They are also available online: Adult English, Adult French, Child (under 18) English, Child (under 18) French, and the general guidelines that are referenced in the waivers: General Guidelines English, General Guidelines French


Please consider helping as a volunteer during the Championships. There are many positions available. You can sign up here.