For the COC Sprint event a wide selection of hotels & other accommodations is available in Laval and Montreal. In Laval, three convenient options are Best Western, Comfort Suites and Quality Inn. All three are close to the Metro and a shopping mall; since they are very popular with tourists during the summer season, competitors are advised to book early. More information about Laval and surrounding area can be found at Tourism Laval:


Because the COC Middle and Long races will be near Rawdon, about 80 km north of Montreal, it may be more convenient for competitors to move closer to the competition site after the sprint event. Rawdon is a small town with limited accommodations. The area has many cottages, some of which are available through Airbnb.


Rawdon Golf Resort, 3999 Lakeshore Drive, Rawdon, QC JOK 1S0, 1 800 363-8655. Reservation by phone only, with 10% discount, discount code is ORIENTATION.

Chalet Lanaudière, 8082 Chemin du Lac-Morgan, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0, 450-834-6383

Chalets des Pins, 5749 Chemin Vincent-Massey, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0, 450-834-3401

Domaine Sam-Calm, 6125 Chemin Vincent-Massey, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0, 450-834-8388

Gîte chez Lulu et Lutin, 3258 Chemin de Look Out Park, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0, 450-834-7017

Auberge Laetus Le Joyeux, 4333 Chemin du Lac Brennan, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0, 450-834-2364

Hôtel Château Joliette, 450 Rue Saint Thomas, Joliette, QC J6E 3R1, Canada, 450-752-2525

Motel Bonsoir, 120 Chemin du Golf East, Saint-Charles-Borromée, QC J6E 2B6, 450-753-4258

Hotel Victoria, 544 Rue Notre Dame, Joliette, QC J6E 3H7, 450-753-5935

Motel Le Classique, 310 Rue de la Visitation, Saint-Charles-Borromée, QC J6E 4N7, 450-756-0588

Auberge de la Montagne Coupee, 1000 Chemin de la Montagne Coupée, Saint-Jean-de-Matha, QC, 450-886-3891, 800-363-8614

Auberge sur la Falaise, 324 Rue du Lac-Long S, Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, QC J0K 1W0, 450-883-2269

Auberge Le Cheval Bleu, 414 Route 343, Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, QC J0K 1W0, 450-883-3082


Kinadapt Outdoor Training and Education Center: located near the Middle and Long Arena. Services: portable toilets, water stream nearby. Reservations can be made by contacting Kinadapt directly: or 450-834-4441

Camping Parc Ensoleille: 3161-3199 1 Av, Rawdon, QC, J0K 1S0, 450-834-3332

Les Terrasses Montcalm: 3945 Route 337 Nord, Sainte-Julienne, QC, J0K 2T0, 450-333-0623

Camping Champs Boises: 2840 Champs-Boisés, Sainte-Julienne, QC, J0K 2T0, 450-834-5688

Camping Kelly Enr: 795 Rue du Camping, Sainte-Julienne, QC, J0K 2T0, 50-831-2422