COC Middle

Saturday July 27, 2019

Kinadapt Outdoor Training and Education Center, Rawdon, Quebec.

Kinadapt is an outdoor activity center near Rawdon, about 80 km north of Montreal. It is a great new location for orienteering. Typical of the Laurentians and eastern Canada.

The terrain is technical and challenging. Most of it is hilly and forested. The hills are glaciated with good rock features. They are steep in places but not that high. The highest point is only about 110m above sea level. The forest varies a lot in age and density with a number of good mature areas.  There is a good trail network for both hiking and dog sledding.

The center is home to about 80 sled dogs. During the COCs they will be restricted to a specific area of woods that is out of bounds.

Directions and images are here.

Will be setup at the COC Middle and Long events.  They have a great selection of clothing and equipment for orienteering.


Registration 9:00 – TBD
Starts 10:00 – TBD
Awards 5:00 pm at Ski Montcalm (Action & Banquet)
Courses Close 2 hours after last start

Maximum time permitted on course: 2 hours
Start List: TBD

Location and Embargo

Google Maps:


Parking will be along the north side of the gravel road leading into Kinadapt. How far it is from your car to the arena will depend entirely on when you arrive. Having cars on only one side will leave room for traffic and pedestrians who will be walking on the shaded south side.


Refreshments will be available at the finish.

Food Truck

For those looking for something substantial there will be a panini food truck on site.  What The Panini!


Lots of help is required to run an event.  Please consider helping by volunteering.  Volunteers can signup here:


Full list of fees including package deals for multiple races are here:

COC Middle Early Regular Late Day of Event
Adult $ 35 $ 40 $ 45 $ 15 **
Junior/HPP $ 25 $ 29 $ 33 $ 10 **
Accompanied Child * x x x Free **

Junior – Born in 1999 or later. 20 years of age or younger as of December 31, 2019.
HPP – Member of the Orienteering Canada High Performance Program.

* Children born 2008 or later who are accompanied by a registered adult or junior may participate on the recreational course for free.

** Recreational class only. A “try it” style course for beginners.


The area was mapped by Dmitri Golovanov in 2018 and updated in 2019.
Standard: ISOM 2017
Scale: Mapped at 1:15,000. Enlarged to 1:10,000 or 1:7,500 for all classes.
Contour Interval: 5m

Map Sample:

The area had one previous orienteering event, a snowshoe score O.  The map was a winter edition based on preliminary data and had limited field checking.  It is available here.

Courses, Classes and Recommended Winning Times

Course notes for the Middle are now available.

Course Classes RWT (min) Map Scale
1 M10, F10, Open 1 20 – 25 1:7,500
2 M11-12, F11-12, Open 2 20 – 25 1:7,500
3 M13-14, M15-16S, F13-14, F15-16S Open 3 20 – 25 1:10,000
4 M15-16, F15-16, Open 4 25 – 30 1:10,000
5x M85, M90, F80, F85, F90 30 – 35 1:7,500
5 M75, M80, F75, Open 5 30 – 35 1:7,500
6 M17-20S, F17-20S, F55, F65, Open 6 30 – 35 1:7,500
7 M65, F45, Open 7 30 – 35 1:7,500
8 M55, F35, Open 8 30 – 35 1:10,000
9 M45, F17-18, F21S, Open 9 30 – 35 1:10,000
10 M17-18, M21S, M35, F19-20, F21E, Open 10 30 – 35 1:10,000
11 M19-20, M21E 30 – 35 1:10,000


Medal winners of the Canadian Championships must be full members of a provincial/territorial association; and (a) Canadian citizens; or (b) permanent residents as defined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Medals will be awarded for all classes except S and Open classes.  Special prizes will be awarded for M21 and F21.


Function Person in Charge
Event Director Dmitri Golovanov
Course Setter Andrew Cornett
Controller Bruce Glen
Registration Nadine Cybulski
Start Chief Janet Findlay
Finish Chief Eric Teutsch
Volunteer Coordinator Lina Gavrilova
Map Dmitri Golovanov
Website Bruce Glen