O-Fest Middle

Saturday July 20, 2019

Orléans, On

The Ottawa O-Fest will once again offer its favourite combination of a Middle event, followed the next day by a chase-start Long event. If you haven’t participated in a chase-start event before here’s how it works: on the first day (the Middle event) starts will be pre-assigned as is regularly done for pre-registration events. On the second day (the Long event) start times will be assigned based on results (by course, not category) of the Middle. The fastest person from the Middle will start first; if the second person was 20 seconds behind in the middle, they will start 20 seconds later. This means that the first person across the finish line (for each course) has the fastest combined time for Saturday and Sunday. O-Fest awards will be based on the combined Middle-Long total time.

The O-Fest Middle event will be in a completely new area that we are very excited about in far east-end Ottawa. Nestled next to the Chapel Hill community in Orleans, the forest has trails, creeks that have created nice ravines for themselves, gorgeous open, feature-rich forest and a distinct lack of the rocky ground that most Ottawa areas forests are known for. A community park will act as our Arena for the race.

Orienteering Ottawa looks forward to sharing our new discoveries with you!


Race-Kits / Information Desk 10:30 am – 4:00 pm
Starts 1:00 pm – 2:15 pm (approx.)
Courses Close 2 hours after last start ( approx. 4:15 pm )

Location and Embargo

Details to be posted…


Details to be posted…


Details to be posted…

Courses, Classes and Recommended Winning Times

Course Classes RWT (min) Map Scale
1 M10, F10, Open 1 20 – 25 1:7,500
2 M11-12, F11-12, Open 2 20 – 25 1:7,500
3 M13-14, M15-16S, F13-14, F15-16S Open 3 20 – 25 1:10,000
4 M15-16, F15-16, Open 4 25 – 30 1:10,000
5 M75, M80, M85, M90, F75, F80, F85, F90, Open 5 30 – 35 1:7,500
6 M17-20S, F17-20S, F55, F65, Open 6 30 – 35 1:10,000
7 M65, F45, Open 7 30 – 35 1:10,000
8 M55, F17-18, F21S, F35, Open 8 30 – 35 1:10,000
9 M17-18, M21S, M45, F19-20 Open 9 30 – 35 1:10,000
10 M19-20, M35, F21E, Open 10 30 – 35 1:10,000
11 M21E 30 – 35 1:10,000


Function Person in Charge
Event Director TBD
Course Setter TBD
Controller TBD
Registration TBD
Start Chief TBD
Finish Chief Eric Teutsch
Volunteer Coordinator TBD
Website Bruce Glen